The train

The history of the railway line and the engines that used it

Take a few steps into the history of the Trieux railway line

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Vapeur passant sous pont

The history of the locomotives

A background of the Steam Engine that went through the line since 1997. In August 1997, the first trial run was during the week-end of the Seaman Chant festival at Paimpol. It was a real sucess. The Steam Engine is now an Historic Monument. 

Vapeur en marche

The 4400

The 141 TB 424 is from the 4401 to 4512 set of East Railroad. These Steam Engine were built from 1911 to 1917. This is a back and forth Engine with the speed of 90 km/h. During The Great War, The 4400 have help for the supplies of the front, especially in the Battle of Verdun.

Rb mallet 41

Operating the railway

In 1879, The Breton network was created by the Freyssinet government. The main goal was to develop the local railway in order to open up the entire French territory. In the 60's, the financial situation of the railway get bad, the CFTA adapt and start to make a hudge passenger network by road. 

Plan sur la cabine de pilotage du train à vapeur ainsi que le chemineau qui la conduit

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