Rolling stock

The history of the locomotives

Let's go back a few years ago...

In August 1997

The first trial run was during the sailor song festival. It was a hudge success.

In 1998

The CFTA decide to go further and make the train running during 2 months. They bought a car train of 1926 from Germany, that we called "thunder box" because of the song when the train slow down.
After that the were fix in the CFTA workshop in Gray (70). The old water tower of the train station of Paimpol became the selling point of La Vapeur du Trieux.

From 1998 to 2000

This is the 230 G 353 (108 tonnes, 1000 CV, 82 years) who make the journey beetween Paimpol and Pontrieux.
For this we have to adapt the Pontrieux train station: accessory and equipment forgotten by the collective memory (coal depot, grease pit, sheet metal workshop, and so on).

From 2001 to 2005

A new steam engine coming on the rail : the 231 K8 locomotive (120 tonnes, classed as an historical monument).

In 2003

Procurement of 2 new car train "OPTIO" from Belgium, bult in the 50's.

From 2006 to 2007

That's the 231 G 558 from the Pacific Vapeur Club (120 tonnes, classed as an historical monument).

From 2008 to 2010

Mallet 020 020 T locomotive from the TTDA, much more lighter weight (43.5 tonnes, de 1911, classed as an historical monument)

In 2011

141 TD 740 locomotive from CFTLP (109 tonnes, 1360 CV, classed as an historical monument).

In 2012

Diesel BB 63832 locomotive from Pacific Vapeur Club.

Since 2013

141 TB 424 locomotive owned by the SNCF (compagny that manage the train in France) and taking care by the AATV association (71 tonnes, from 1913, nearly 1000 CV, classed as an historical monument).

Plan sur la cabine de pilotage du train à vapeur ainsi que le chemineau qui la conduit

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