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History of the locomotive

141 TB 424 belongs to the series 4401 - 4512 of the network of the east Railroads (Re-numbered 141 TB 401 in 512 during the creation of the SNCF in 1938). These locomotives were essentially built from 1911 till 1917 for the traffic of the Parisian suburb but also the sideboard of the crossings from Vosge. It is about a locomotive of tender capable of circulating in both directions at the speed of 90 kph.
During the Great War, 4400 participated in the provisioning of the forehead, in particular during the battle of Verdun.
424 was mainly allocated in deposit of Noisy the Dry, La Villette and Nogent Vincennes. As some 141 TB was in service to Lérouville, to make goods trains in the banister of Loxéville, it was also its case. After the last war some emigrated on the territory of the former network of Alsace of Lorraine. In 1958, some were equipped with the reversibility: the machine pushed the train, the chauffeur staying only on board whereas the mechanic was held in the first carriage. These measures allowed to save time in the station of Paris Est there by limiting the evolutions of locomotives during the daily points of the traffic of the suburb.
Most of the locomotives ended their career during the electrification of the suburb is in 1962. Nevertheless about twenty of them, among whom 424, ran on the line of Vincennes until the transfer of this line to the RATP (PARIS PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM) in 1969.
Some finally, moved in the deposit CFTA of Provins towed trains of cereal in double drive until 1972. Besides 424, is 407 also in working order after its restoration by the AJECTA in Paris region. During the coming of the machine in Brittany, both locomotives found themselves under pressure in the deposit of Longueville in Seine et Marne.

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